… Jealousy …

What is that feeling of jealous?
Jealousy is a feeling so familiar yet so foreign at the same time.
It is what unfortunately or fortunately inside all of us others in small and others largely …
Sexual jealousy is like fire smoldering barely in a fireplace, where you go to switch off and can control hey! throw something inside and heats again.

It is indeed doubtful if there is any man who has not felt at least once in his life jealousy. Nevertheless, envy is not a pure feeling, but a combination of emotions, including fear, anger, and anxiety. Although jealousy can destroy relationships important and oppress people’s lives, in our eyes is not at all normal man who experiences a love but shows not jealous of the «object» of his desire.

It is the attempt in love / screen claiming every minute his man … not to share concerns-moments-I want-freedom-with dreams but …. to be the one the main protagonist will moves the yarns of life on them.

Is this smile, this look, this warmth we feel with the man who led us completely selfish in our sudden movements.O selfishness blinds and destroy what we build with it.

Yes I envy! Yes I do not want him / her share! Yes belongs to me his/her body! Yes I want to have respect, dignity, love and above all CONFIDENCE! … I do not want to be the «guts» in a relationship but I will not apologize because I love …

I do not like to give second chances to people because as he said, a very good friend of mine » When we give a second chance to our partner let him refine his mistake. »

Jealousy must be the salt in a relationship gives the flavor, not the pepper burns it. I consider that so you need to experience and to «burn» of love, passion and I want !! It must first be put limits on ourselves because of our behavior we lose ourselves in first and then our partner!

Mary Dimi Anagnostopoulos



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