doro-agiou-valentinou-350x311 (1)When we decided to write about this celebration I came immediately to mind advertising the New Year with lotteries:

«Sorry to ask you a question; New Year lottery got;


-No? New Year’s celebration end!

-Pick up ….

-But I will get! Simply I have not gotten yet.

-A! We raise representation again! «

It is this view I created each year for the feast of St. Valentine. That is an elaborate show to run all do consumption florists and bakeries!

You do not have the heart?

Of course I have and very romantic. And I like the flowers and as for sweets duly appreciate as a gift. But you want to get something in your lover? Take another day. Why she misunderstood if not give her that day? She knows that you love her and the 365 days of the year, doesn’t she? You want to take care of your boyfriend? Better to get the tickets for the match of his favorite team or of his favorite band despite the toy with the little heart! Course he will assess any erotic gift, but that will appreciate and one day before and one day after.

Depression of holidays.

Surely you will have heard of this phenomenon including all holidays Valentine’s day, too. Because, he says, some people have unmatched feel depression because they are alone and watch lovers around them to enjoy their love. As if not yourself feel good? Well known when two sorrows are half and joys double but will not worry! I agree that is a good excuse to have a date if you’re alone but as well as with your friends and your family well again will pass the day. Nor is it necessary to go out to find a partner, even for one night because it imposes the day. Yes Saint Valentine is the saint of love (for Catholics in particular) but love does not fit nor should occur only within these 24 hours to celebrate.

Proposal on February 14

If you are paired: Certainly rejoice your love with your partner but reminded him/her of tomorrow you are keeping love.

If you’re alone: Get your best friends and have fun! Do you want to stay at home? You organized an evening pro-football (for boys) or a pajama party (for girls). Better chocolates and Mary Poppins with best friends.

Mirka Arvanitis



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