Yes exactly. Here we break down or fill large university studies abroad.


«According to recent research, the divorce rate is lower when men help significantly on household chores, childcare and shopping for the home. The survey was conducted by the School of Economics and Political Science, London and attended 3,500 married and with children, couples in Britain. »


Depends what you mean help. Because if the contracting put your laundry and ends all pink while before it was let prefer to do it alone!


Also need to create a survey with the following topic: «How can even the smartest men just go shopping in super market drops their IQ;» The causes for this research is that they forget half the things list bring other unrelated things when you ask them do not know why they bought them and most importantly to get 12 times at the phone!


«Five hours a day spend on average women gossiping according to new research.»


No. The research is correct but does not mention the part of the man because it suits them! Because maybe  the woman gossiping five hours a day but the man gossiping find where, what time to yes and of course for all matters !!


Debunks the myth of «men do not talk much» research university of Manchester.


According to the survey, men use more reason daily, although repeatedly use the same words.

On the other hand, women speak less, but communicate better than men.


We said men are gossipers but we keep the primacy of speaking!


The so-called «weak» sex is seen more soulful these genes, since a new British scientific research concluded that women have a stronger genetic predisposition, than

to men, to help those around them.

Researchers in the psychologist Gary Lewis of the University of Edinburgh, who published the study in biology magazine «Biology Letters» of the Royal Society of Britain Sciences. »


Yes we cry with every film compassion his / hero / heroine. Yes we protect the animals and the mother awakes our filter for any baby but … .. when talking for another woman things change. As the saying Maro Kontou near the film «I Soferina ‘:» Men have Besa, mutually supportive. Not like us women facing one to pull the eye of the other! »

In conclusion, all these show us that very poorly none of the above institutions does not include the Greeks to inquiries! Because only in Greece are these!

Mirka Arvanitis



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