«Again the lost will I turn to bad boys will stay up all night»

The song says «again will I turn to the lost with bad boys will stay up all night, bad habits will start from the mind to efface.»

So you understand most is the current theme: «Love the bad boys who work day or night.»

So Bad Boys maybe we reconcile in our minds, with those who work night: barman, pr etc. But yes I start I realize how bad guys are and day.

The point is if you want to get into trouble with the particular type of guy if you can cope and not jealous, because joking apart that the tall, brown and bearded likely to be and certainly arrogant will be of those guys who assume all and not have feelings.

Okay I’m not so bad there are those who are mature with the passage of time and searching their other half and finally begin to have feelings, after so many hearts that have destroyed.

If you are one of those who do not envy you comfortable to sleep with them, but if you are one of those jealous and sensitive do not do it with him baby.

As always have at some point in our lives we will have trouble and we with that bad boy, but we love them already because we earn something fierce.

«I am very naughty boy, I’m a bum because for exploitation is not my heart»

Tina Michaelides



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