Separated not celebrated ever ….

“Separated not celebrated ever” or is celebrated? Type the question since we are in a week dedicated to Saint Valentine and I think you understand what issue I have. Ex, separation and celebration.
Although Valentine is a purely commercial celebration, there are some who want to celebrate, although I feel a bit tragic to expect that day to show your love, because you can live each day individually with your lover.
You separated and do not have with whom to go out that night? Don’ t worry take your best friend and go for a walk, do what you like.
That night you will be lucky if you miss the ex with new girlfriend in case that not celebrate, beg to do not happen otherwise if you see them helping hand and in love embracement only one I have to tell you:
When you see the ex with the new lady do it like Carrie when he saw Mr. Big with Natasha in the series Sex and The City.
While inside you burn that you’re together with your Valentine, but on the other you mustn’t worry for nothing, because you will find the next one when you feel ready.
«Separated not celebrated ever» Well for me it is a myth because they can certainly celebrate and enjoy their lives.
All of you who are alone and never celebrated that day you’re lucky, but all of you who celebrated don’t to grieve because life is short to worry about the ex – didn’t lose the lovers, did they?



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